Our Mission

We’ve leveraged algae, photosynthesis, and some pretty cool innovations to develop an effective, scaled and cost effective approach to some of the planet’s most pressing challenges.

Organizations need big solutions to effectively address issues like food insecurity and meeting climate targets. They need a path to cleaner and more organic supply chains. They need more sustainable operations. They need BrightWave.

BrightWave’s photobioreactors (PBRs) grow algae at industrial scale and indoors, in a closed and automated environment – an optimal environment to produce a premium renewable feedstock in large volumes.

Our PBRs generate more biomass per square meter than anyone. Now, clean renewable feedstock production can be co-located with manufacturing.

And our PBRs provide this renewable, on-site feedstock production without a green premium, making it far easier for organizations to substantially reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions while significantly increasing the renewable content of their products.

For organizations seeking to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions – BrightWave’s  solutions scale to meet any level of production required.

Algae growing in BrightWave LLC's patented algae photobioreactor systems that are for sale and built for industrial scale for anyone who knows how to grow algae.

Our patented PBR systems advance global efforts to combat huge challenges like food insecurity and reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. They contribute to a cleaner and lower-carbon environment – not only through carbon capture and utilization, but through the potential they offer for cleaner sourcing with algae-based byproducts.

Our ability to scale makes all of this possible.

Join us at BrightWave as we drive meaningful change, create sustainable operations, and build a future where big solutions address the pressing needs of our planet. Together, we can achieve a healthier, more resilient world for generations to come.