Opening New Global Markets for Algae-Based Feedstocks


The world needs BIG solutions to effectively address issues like food insecurity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


For organizations seeking to produce renewable feedstocks or reduce emissions – or both – BrightWave has the solution.


Advancing toward a low-carbon future is an imperative. Let BrightWave start you on the right path.

BrightWave’s innovative photobioreactor systems generate lab-quality biomass at industrial scale – the kind of scale needed to meet global demands for food, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to decarbonize fuels & a wide range of products.

We are very excited to be working with BrightWave. Minus Materials is using BrightWave’s PBRs, along with other cutting-edge technology, to enable the production of the world’s first carbon-negative portland cement.
Sarah Williams, CEO Minus Materials
BrightWave’s PBRs are easy to install and use. Their increased production represents a huge jump in capability for us.  We are excited about the future with BrightWave.
Jeremy Weir, Head of Production Kyanos Farms